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Determination of difficulties in emotion and quality of life in stimulate dependent in comparison with opioid dependent patients

Maryam Velayati Hosseini, Omid Rezaei and Ghodsi Ahghar

The main purpose of the present study is to evaluate and compare the difficulty in regulating the excitement and life quality of people with narcotics and people with stimulant drugs. For the reason, 160 people of males dependent in drugs (80 ones with opioid and 80 ones dependent in stimulant drugs) were taken up and evaluated by the life quality questionnaire (SF-36) and difficulty questionnaire in excitement regulation (DERS) in this regard. The results represented that in the whole subscales of the life quality (except the limitations of the role-play from excitement difficulty) and the mean differences of these subscales (difficulty at target-based behavior and difficulties of control and availability confined to the excitement regulation approaches) as well as total score of excitement regulation among people dependent with opioid and people with stimulant drugs have significant difference together (p>0.05). Along the consideration of the process, it can be stated that the degree of males’ life quality with opioid drugs is higher than people with stimulant drugs and difficulty in excitement regulation of male people dependent with stimulant drugs is higher than people with opioid ones representing the destructive impacts of taking these drugs that they directly and indirectly influence on the psychiatric, social and physical status of these people.